Tawow means there is room for all.
This is the vision of Wisakejak and it means that we embody the idea that there is more than enough space for all our relations to coexist and collaborate.

An experienced education and consulting company, Wisakejak Consulting designs programs, navigates projects, and creates capacity building experiences, customized to all stakeholders. The extensive experience in facilitating mutual understanding makes Wisakejak a tremendous asset for fostering insight, gaining awareness and creating compromise for all people involved.

Wisakejak Consulting Offers:

  • Intensive Indigenous protocol trainings for those in Healthcare, business, and education

  • Collaborative relationship building

  • Understanding of the deep history, treaties, policy and agreements between First Nations, Metis and Canada

  • Facilitation and collaboration with your organization and Indigenous communities

  • Curriculum design, high impact program planning and implementation

  • Works alongside community and Elders to ensure that protocol is followed and knowledge is shared in an appropriate way


The Moss Bag Project

"A gift for our mothers, so they can care for the future"

A post-secondary scholarship for Indigenous mothers.  Help invest in mothers and their children's future.

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