It is simple.

1. Do you meet all of the eligibility criteria? Yes!?
2. Read through the package checklist.
3. Complete the criteria and then mail it in.

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Do I need to be enrolled in a post- secondary degree program. Can I apply if I am in a trade program?
This scholarship is for post-secondary students. At this time a student in a trade program cannot apply.

Can I be on a waitlist for my degree program?
Yes. You can apply to meet our deadline. However proof of acceptance/enrollment from the Office of your registrar will be necessary to receive the scholarship.

Can any indigenous person apply? To any post-secondary institution?
Although we understand that traditionally borders didn’t exist, currently we can only offer this scholarship to Canadian students attending Canadian institutions. We are hoping to expand in the future.

Can online students apply?
Yes please!

Is this only for undergraduate students?
Yes. This scholarship for those Indigenous women and two-spirit parents that are working to on their undergraduate degree program.

What year of undergraduate studies do I need to be in?
You can be in any year of undergraduate studies.

Can a part- time student apply?
Yes both full and part-time students can apply.

What if my degree doesn’t appear to align with directly impacting our Indigenous futures and children- but I think that I will be giving back in some way.
This scholarship is all for Reciprocity! It is always good to question your intentions, and be aware of why you are working on your degree. We encourage all applicants to apply and respond with your ideas of reciprocity in the written question portion of the application.

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