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Wellspring Calgary (Lifeline To Cancer Support)- Indigenous Paths In Healing

Please Join Jessie Fiddler Kiss for the following session:

Indigenous Paths In Healing: Stories, Opportunities, and Beliefs

There are no two paths the same when we consider how humans join, live and leave this physical world.  Honoring this idea we will have fluid, but guided, conversations around Indigenous healing, spiritual practices and/or ceremony, healing skills and tools, boundaries, the chaos of transition, the necessity of balance, and our role in interconnection. We would like to invite you be curious and to consider your beliefs around loss, change, and trauma and during our time together we may begin view these challenges with new eyes. Please know that  your well-being and safety is important to us as well sit in circle together. In order to hold the conversation in safety and with accountability we believe it is best to use a framework (Trauma Informed Practice), as well our utilizing Indigenous protocols/practices as skilled circle facilitators. We look forward to the time and the experience we will have in circle.