Knowledge and balance is our goal. Wisakejak has allied with a variety of groups and individuals in their health journey, to provide safe and trauma informed education and resources. For example: Pediatric doctors, university staff, school districts, child and family services, Wellspring Calgary, and a number of individuals seeking advice.

Wisakejak Consulting has advised on topics like:
• Lateral violence
• Harm reduction
• Trauma informed practice vs Circle structures
• Accurate, appropriate, and safe Talking Circles
• Healthy work environments
• Decolonial lens for health and lifestyle
• An Indigenous lens and guidance for cancer patients and their family
• Maternal Health (pre and post natal)

Indigenous Motherhood

Wisakejak has a deep passion and rich knowledge of maternal and caregiver health. Wisakejak has collaborated with educators, parents, and health care providers (midwives, doulas, doctors, etc.) to ensure accurate information is shared regarding Indigenous motherhood, parenting, and childcare. Our offerings include Moss Bag and Drum teachings, to guide pre and post-natal care for our Indigenous mothers, their caregivers, and the 7 generations of children to come.

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