The Moss Bag Project

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A post-secondary scholarship for Indigenous Mothers. Thoughtfully designed heirloom moss bags, that will be cherished for generations to come; give the gift of cyclical resilience, and love to the mother and her children.

This prayer in the form of a beaded moss bag, is for all the children and babies that were taken during the era of residential schools and 60’s scoop and never made it home. This is also to honor all the resilient and beautiful people that survived

With your support, we can offer a gift of empowerment, resiliency, and reclamation through education

How To Help

This Mossbag is available on

This Mossbag is available on

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4. Donate your time
Complete beadwork, embroidery, appliqué or any other attachable artwork. Send it in and we make the moss bag.
Then we sell the bag and give you credit for the amazing human you are!

What Is A Moss Bag


Moss bags are a spiritual and heart felt gift, to hold and carry our little ones with love.
Traditionally baby’s "diapers" were filled moss, this is why it is known as a moss bag or waspison.

Functional purpose is to cuddle the baby just like a swaddle blanket,
but its has several other benefits:
- It recreates the womb for the newborns.
- Teaches patience and observation
- It lengthens the sleep time for newborn babies 
- Even the strongest babies can't escape and wake themselves up. Which they can from the swaddle blankets